Strategic Plan 2018 – 2024

Our Mission: Tallgrass Ontario will identify and facilitate the conservation of tallgrass communities* by coordinating programs and services to provide assistance to individuals, groups and agencies.

*Note – The term “tallgrass communities” describes the assemblages of flora and fauna making up tallgrass prairie and savanna systems in North America.

Strategic Priority 1: Ensure Organizational Capacity

  1. Maintain effective board practices
  2. Generate funds
  3. Increase membership
  4. Reduce Organizational risk

Strategic Priority 2: Facilitate the creation and restoration of tallgrass communities

  1. Complete project commitments
  2. Establish partnerships with other businesses and agencies doing restoration
  3. Maintain landowner contact list
  4. Coordinate restoration projects
  5. Write grant applications

Strategic Priority 3: Increase public awareness and stewardship of tallgrass communities

  1. Develop information about conservation and restoration for website
  2. Increase the distribution of Bluestem Banner
  3. Work cooperatively with government agencies
  4. Host conferences
  5. Speak to groups about TgO and prairie restoration
  6. Undertake public training projects such as booklets, seminars, classes
  7. Develop and transfer information about conservation and restoration

Strategic Priority 4: Identify and secure existing and potential tallgrass communities across the province.

  1. Identify possible sites for the introduction/restoration of tallgrass prairie
  2. Identify potential restoration sites
  3. Contribute to cooperative mapping of tallgrass sites across the province
  4. Complete mapping of tallgrass sites across the province

Strategic Priority 5: Promote research and knowledge transfer of tallgrass communities

  1. Remain current on grassland habitat research
  2. Facilitate research of tallgrass communities and species
  3. Work with other organizations and researchers to compile an inclusive map of prairie in Ontario