Prairie & Savannah Funding Application Form
in honour of Mary Gartshore


  1. Your application to seek financial support must meet TgO interests or goals, as described on our website (
  2. You must be a “LIFETIME MEMBER” of TgO before you submit an application or upon acceptance of your application. (
  3. You must be a private landowner/student or a non-profit organization.
  4. Your application must show matching dollar support.
  5. Your application must show the amount of financial support requested from TgO (Maximum Grant Dollars $2,000.00).
  6. TgO response to your request for financial support will be less than 30 days from the time of application submission.
  7. If your application is successful, TgO will confirm the funding amount and payment information with you.
  8. You must report completion of the project to TgO via email ( and provide a brief summary report with accompanying photographs within 30 days of completion of the project. The project description and photographs can be published in the Bluestem Banner.
  9. Please open the application form below, fill the form in, save it to your hard drive and then attach it to an e-mail sent to Tallgrass Ontario.

Prairie and Savannah Funding Application (pdf)