Places, People and Projects

Places, People and Projects is where you will find information about projects that Tallgrass Ontario (TgO) has been working on, what’s new and upcoming events. TgO is involved in a wide range of activity from boots on the ground habitat management to grassland creations and public education. We work with landowners, foundations, municipalities, provincial and federal funding agencies to provide habitat management services and to improve Tallgrass Prairie ecosystems in Southern Ontario. TgO has recently completed projects to improve prairie ecosystems at the Ojibway Praire Complex in Windsor. TgO has current projects underway at Blue Lake in Brant County and at Luther Marsh near Grand Valley. We have a project underway to educate municipalities about the importance of pollinator habitat. We are creating a 5 acre tallgrass praire and public education program at Downsview Park in Toronto to educate local school children and a city-wide audience about the importance of biodiversity and habitat preservation.