What are Warm Season Pastures?

Warm season pastures are areas comprised of warm season grasses ( Little bluestem, Switchgrass, Indian grass, Big bluestem). These grasses grow most intensely in warm weather (late spring and summer). These grasses are native to Ontario, and are much more adapted to the climate and soil conditions, in comparison with cool season grasses (generally non native species). In addition, these pastures with their grass and flowers provide habitat for native birds, insects and mammals throughout the season.

Using warm season pastures can extend the grazing season, reduce fertilizer requirements and increase drought resistance as typically roots of tallgrass species extent over 7 feet and some as much as 12 feet.

For an example of an Ontario ranch using native warm season grass pastures please visit our friend Brian Gilvesy’s YU Ranch near Tillsonburg Ontario.
Visit the YU Ranch website