Grassland Places

To fully appreciate the beauty and diversity of a tallgrass prairie or savanna, you must visit one. They are unlike any other natural ecosystem in Ontario. From the mellow blue violets in the spring, to the brilliant yellow sunflowers in the summer, to the rusty red grasses in the fall, each season holds its charms. Sightings of butterflies, dragonflies, songbirds, reptiles and small mammals add to the experience.

Kenesserie Tallgrass Prairie

In Ontario, tallgrass prairie and savanna are found in southern and northwestern Ontario. In southern Ontario, tallgrass once covered approximately 1000 km2, but now only 21 km2 remains in about 130 remnant sites. The majority of these properties are in private ownership but there are approximately 25 publicly-owned sites in southern Ontario. Eight of these are described in some detail in this section and several others are listed. Like any outing to a natural area, it is wise to wear long sleeves and pants and bring insect repellent, field guides, binoculars, a camera, and water. July and August are the best months to see a range of prairie flowers in bloom.


Photos- Kenesserie Tallgrass Prairie, Chatham-Kent.