Garden Plants

Native tall grasses and forbs (flowers) are becoming more popular in Ontario gardens today. There is a growing interest in restoring and recreating natural areas, from backyards and boulevards, to old fields and abandoned railway lines. Where habitat-creation projects are well executed, they can provide a significant contribution to the conservation of wildlife diversity.

If you have a prairie garden, we would be delighted to profile it on our website. Just send a short description, with the information you want available on the website, plus a photo in .jpeg format to

Garden centres and nurseries often sell plants noted as being native but are often from outside the province or country. Don’t hesitate to ask questions when purchasing your plants and inquire about where the garden centre acquires their plants from.

Check out the guide to Tallgrass Prairie and Savanna plants in the ID a Grassland section of this web-site.

Other Sources of Information:

For more information on establishing a prairie garden of any size, download a copy of Planting the Seed from the Literature page on this web-site.

For seed and plant sources, The Society for Ecological Restoration – Ontario Chapter’s Native Plant Resource Guide can be obtained by visiting their website: SER Ontario Chapter

The North American Native Plant Society also has an excellent site with a Canadian section for northern gardeners.

The Ontario Invasive Plant Council has information about all aspects of invasive plants.