Erosion Control

Erosion Control and Filter Strips

Jake Lozon RLSN/ONS

Tallgrass species can be useful tools for creating buffer strips for riparian zones, as an alternative to trees or shrubs. Tallgrass is very effective for filtration of sediment, and soil-bound nutrients, pesticides and bacteria, as well as for phosphorus management. They are generally effective for increasing shore/bank stability and creating wildlife habitat.

Jake Lozon RLSN/ONS

Narrow grassed buffers are very useful in municipal and other open drains in flat, intensively cropped areas, or in intensively grazed areas where livestock have been excluded and trees plantings aren’t suitable.

An excellent resource for learning about buffer strips is Best Management Practices: Buffer Strips. Single copies are free to Ontario farmers from local Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food offices. Or to purchase a copy go to the OMAFRA website