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Welcome to the Tallgrass Ontario (TgO) Website

The extensive content on our website is divided into three main sections. Each page has an expanded menu for its section in the left sidebar.

About TgO is where you will find information about our organization and how you can support our projects and initiatives.

Science and Resources is where you will find information about how to ID a grassland and how to establish and maintain your own grassland. There is also a publications sections with lists of recommended reading and links to reference materials, factsheets and our Bluestem Banner newsletter.

Places, People and Projects is where you will find information about what’s new and upcoming events. There is also a volunteer opportunities section and information about our projects and grassland places.

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Prairie & Savannah Funding Application Form

In honour of Mary Gartshore 2020
For more information please go to the Prairie & Savannah Funding page.

NEW! – Questions and Answers

If you have a question about establishing or maintaining tallgrass prairie please e-mail One of our directors will get back to you. We’ll post the responses on the Q&A page.

What’s New

2019 update to the Ontario Tallgrass Recovery Plan

Tallgrass communities once covered a significant part of southern Ontario’s landscape. Interest in conserving and restoring Ontario’s tallgrass communities and their resident wildlife is on the rise in Ontario. For more information about the Ontario Tallgrass Recovery Plan please see the 2019 update. See more here: 2019 Update to the Tallgrass Communities of Southern Ontario Recovery Plan

Conservation practitioners and landowners please check out the new TgO reference document Restoring Oak Woodlands in Southern Ontario.

“Prior to 1800 the southern Ontario landscape was a rich mosaic of natural habitats − meadows, alvars, tallgrass prairies, oak savannas, oak woodlands, open and closed forests, swamps, marshes, bogs and fens. The majesty of these ecosystems has been described and documented by early settlers and land surveyors. The fact that southern Ontario contained ecosystems other than forest and wetland is new to a lot of people”.

See more here: Restoring Oak Woodlands in Southern Ontario