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Questions and Answers

If you have a question about establishing or maintaining tallgrass prairie please e-mail One of our directors will get back to you. See past responses of our  Q&A page.

For a landowner’s introduction to planning and undertaking prairie and meadow plantings, please enjoy Planting the Seed, A Guide to Establishing Prairie and Meadow in Southern Ontario.

What’s New


The Bluestem Banner Summer Edition is Here!

Bluestem Banner Vol. 21 No. 1


Join Tallgrass Ontario at Hazel Bird Nature Reserve for our
2022 Annual General Meeting
Friday June 24, 10:30 am to 3:30 pm

The Annual General Meeting is free to current and new members. If you are not yet a member of Tallgrass Ontario but want to join us, please visit: TgO Memberships

To register for this event, please send an email to with the name of the person/people attending. Tallgrass Ontario will send you a confirmation invitation via email with the event information and instructions.

Hazel Bird Nature Reserve lies in the heart of Northumberland County’s  historical tallgrass landscape. The Reserve protects 118 hectares (292 acres) of oak woodland, Black Oak savanna, sand barren, and tallgrass prairie habitat and with it, the home of many species at risk.  


The Ontario Biodiversity Council has published a recent update to the State of Ontario’s Biodiversity: Extent, Quality and Protection of Ontario’s Rare Ecosystems. Southern Ontario’s tallgrass prairies and savannahs, although generally small in size, contain some of the rarest assemblages of plant and wildlife species in the province and most certainly, the country. As such, prairie and savannah ecosystems were chosen as “biodiversity indicators,” which are tracked through monitoring programs and other sources to inform the progress towards achieving Ontario’s 15 Biodiversity Targets and the status and trends in three biodiversity theme areas: 1). pressures on biodiversity; 2.) state of ecosystem, species and genetic diversity; and, 3). conservation and sustainable use.

To read the latest status update on the state of rare ecosystems in 2021, please see: Extent-and-quality-of-rare-ecosystems-2021-1

This and other information on indicators can be found here: Index of Biodiversity Indicators

For more information on the Ontario Biodiversity Council’s reporting and The State of Ontario’s Biodiversity, please visit: The State of Ontario’s Biodiversity