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Prescribed Burn Worker

Once established tallgrass communities and oak savannahs require disturbance to prevent invasive and woody vegetation from taking over.  The most effective way to manage large, established tallgrass sites is through conducting prescribed burns (PB).  Prescribed burning is the deliberate application of fire to a specific land area under predetermined conditions to accomplish land and resource management objectives. 

Photo by D. Aulenback

Tallgrass Ontario works with many partnering groups and organizations to create community networks of volunteers and local Volunteer Fire Departments to conduct prescribed burns on tallgrass prairie sites.  To establish this network TGO coordinates PB course that training and certification on implementing prescribed burns. This training is essential to meet the P.B. regulations for most municipalities, and is a prerequisite for the RX200 Burn Boss Course.

The two certification courses are:

RX-100 Low Complexity Prescribed Burn (LCPB) Worker course

The role of a LCPB worker is to fill the function of fireline worker on LCPB’s, which includes duties such as fire ignition and suppression under the direction of a LCPB Boss.  The course will cover personal safety on the fire line, fire behaviour and weather, construction of fireline with hand tools, set up and use of a power pump, hoselay and hoselay retrieval, nozzle operation and application, mopping up a fire, fireline patrol and observation, and handheld burnout operations and ignition patterns.  This course will allow an certified individual to be a worker on a prescribed burn under the direction of a Burn Boss. 

        RX-200 Low Complexity Prescribed Burn Boss course


Photo by D. Aulenback

Photo by D. Aulenback

Photo by D. Aulenback

Tallgrass Ontario has been coordinating a number of Prescribed Burn Courses.  For more information on availability and cost of these course please contact us.

TGO has also been distributing an RX-100 Newsletter.  This news letter allows us to network with Certified Prescribed Burn volunteers.  We use this newsletter to communicate to volunteers when Burn Bosses are seeking volunteers, and when PB's are taking place.  

If you would like to be added to our RX-100 Newsletter Distribution list, or use the Newsletter to post your need for upcoming Prescribed Burns please contact us at info@tallgrassontario.org

For more information on Prescribed Burns please visit the Ministry of Natural Resources Website: Prescribed Burn Toolbox