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Ontario Nativescape
Ontario NativeScape is our partner and contractor of record in the creation and restoration of tallgrass prairie habitat. TGO would like to thank the board and staff from Rural Lambton Stewardship Network and Ontario Nativescape for the ongoing support and partnerships.
Wildfire Specialists

Wildfire Specializes in all types of grass fire landscapes. Marsh areas where the invasive species of phragmites to upland sites of open or closed grasslands. We are a Prescribed Burn Team that is certified by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Our organization has been doing PB’s for over 15 years throughout Ontario. Our company has two offices, one located in Northern Ontario and the other in South-western Ontario. If you are interested in our quality of work we will provide you with a list of reference from any corner of the Province.
For a free estimate to conduct a Prescribed Burn contact Brian “Barney” Burnett, Simcoe Ontario, Phone: 705-698-4342 or e-mail us at Wildfire@sympatico.ca

FOPP logo
Tallgrass Ontario has partnered with the Friends of Pinery Park to assess and improve Five-lined Skink habitat in Pinery Park and the surrounding community.