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Prairie and Savanna Stewardship in Southern Ontario:
Providing Habitat Management to Ontario's Land Stewards

Tallgrass Ontario received three years of Funding from Environment Canada to contact landowners and undertake prairie and savanna management on critical sites for the recovery of species at risk. This project will occur and affect remnant and created prairie and savanna communities in southern Ontario, with emphasis placed within three physiographic regions St. Clair Plains (portions of Essex, Kent and Lambton), the Iroquois Plans (portions of Hamilton and Toronto) and the Norfolk Sand Plain (portions of Norfolk, Brant and Hamilton).

The Tallgrass communities in these three regional priority areas support the presence of numerous species at risk including Mississauga Rattlesnake, Eastern Foxsnake, Butler’s Gartersnake, Henslow’s Sparrow, American Badger, Dense Blazing Star, and Hoary Mountain Mint.

Tallgrass Prairie

The three year project will address the threat of habitat loss through the absence of management. Prairies and savannas require some form of management (disturbance) on a routine basis to prevent succession into shrub thicket. In the past prairies and savannas on private land were primarily managed with the support of Stewardship Councils. This project will bridge the gap in services left by the disappearance of Stewardship Councils or by the decreased capacity of those Stewardship Councils that are continuing.

Stewardship activities will include prescribed burning, invasive species removal, control of competing native vegetation, enlargement of remnant tallgrass areas, mowing of sites where prescribed burning is not possible and other management activities required for individual sites.

Prescribed burn

For more information on this project or to nominate a potential project please contact Tallgrass Ontario at info@tallgrassontario.org.

To take advantage of these funds, click to download the application (word doc), fill it out and email to tgo.prairie.help@gmail.com or send by regular mail to:

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